We Need to reduce the waste we are throwing away and we need to increase the amout we are throwing into these bins.



Reducing waste can make this a better place for everyone. You can go to the countryside, without any waste on the floor or in the fields. You can go to the beach without the litter. This will all reuce global warming too!Save the world!




If you have used something, don't throw it away, reuse it and keep using it rather than buying a new one.



Reusing items like bottles can lead to less landfill sites around th eworld which we all know ruin our landscape(And smell of fresh air). After reusing you can drive around or bike without the horrible smell of rotting waste because you have reused the bottle that was going to be thrown into a landfill site hole!




Don't throw it in the general waste bin...put it in one of the bins that takes that waste. Go to this page to find out which bin to put which in.



Recycling items like bottles, glasses and tins can make it so our earth can have its resources for longer without us taking them all out to make thing for us to use then dump. You can put your tins and glasses into boxes which are shipped off then cleaned and put in