Black Bin

Black Bin

The Black bin is used for general household waste such as food and clothes.

The general hosehold waste is put into a hole dug into the ground and then buried and left to rot into the compost.

Green Bin

Green Bin

The Green bin is used for garden waste. This includes tree clippings, leaves and grass.

The garden waste is placed into a shredder at a site which makes it all smaller. It is then buried into the ground as fertiliser where it rots and causes the ground to become more fertile for plants. This is a way of Reusing it to grow more plants.


Green Box

The Green box is used for paper and card. This includes birthday cards, leaflets and envelopes.

The paper is mashed up in a watery basin then until it is a thick paste of pulp which is then compressed together inbetween 2 metal mesh rollers so the water is pushed out. It is then bleached or dyed to the correct colour and left to dry.

Yelow Box

Yellow Box

The Yellow box is used for tin, plastic and glass. This includes Tin cans, Plastic bottles and glass jars.

These Get sent off to a plant where they are cleaned and then melted down to be Recycled into new bottles, tins or anything else made of the smae material as the original product.