Boxes and Bins


Green Bin

What you CAN put in a green bin;

Paper – newspapers, magazines, catalogues, leaflets and telephone directories.

Cardboard – clean cardboard, packaging boxes.

Plastic bottles – (rinsed out, lids removed and uncrushed) - all plastic bottles any colour.

Steel and aluminium can and tins – (rinsed out and uncrushed).

Empty aerosol cans


What you CANNOT put it a green bin;

Plastic bags, cling film, junk mail bags, packets, yoghurt pots, food trays and tubs

Wrapping paper, greetings cards, shredded paper or envelopes


Aluminium Foil

Any other domestic rubbish

DIY waste


Garden waste


Black Bin

What you CAN put in a black bin;

newspapers / magazines, brochures and cardboard (NOT take-away pizza boxes!)

Yellow Pages & telephone directoriescans and tins (clean food and drink cans)

Plastic bottles (clean with no lids please)

Domestic empty aerosols (without the skull and crossbones or the black cross symbols).

Please do not squash or pierce the cans and please remove any plastic lids.


What you CANNOT put in a black bin;

Other plastics (plastic bags or hard plastics, like yoghurt pots or margarine tubs)

Glass (bottles and jars can go in your glass box or local bottle bank)

Shredded or tissue paper


Tetra Paks (drinks cartons)













Yellow Box

What CAN go in your yellow box;

All colour glass bottles - beer, wine, spririts

All colour glass jars - jam, cook-in sauce, baby food

Broken glass bottles and jars

What CANNOT go in your yellow box;

Flat glass and Mirrors

Windows and windscreens

Drinking glasses












Green Box

What you CAN put in your green box;


hedge clippings

plants and weeds


bush and tree prunings

dead flowers


What you CANNOT put in your green box;







chemicals and treated wood

household or kitchen waste

very large branches

Japanese Knotweed