About Us

World in someone's hands

We are a fairly new company having only been established in May 2009. We operate on a national basis and have been employed by the government to work alongside local councils to co-ordinate recycling services for the whole country.

We decided to set up the company as, we think recyceling is important and is a good way to save our plant. We belive it is important to keep the world we live in, a nice and clean environment

Our primary focus is to provide every house in the country with the following equipment:

  • A black recycling bin for general household waste
  • A green recycling bin for garden waste and cardboard
  • A yellow box for tins, plastic and glass
  • A green box for paper.

This project is important so that the we can attract a lot of people and

  • Inform them what they should recycle in each bin/box
  • Encourage them to recycle more of their rubbish
  • Involve young people early so they are more environmentally aware