Green wheelie bin

The Green Bin

The Green bin is the bin that paper will be put in. Its easy to remember, put what was a tree into the leaf coloured bin. These green bins can be kept for a build up of recycled paper and will not need to be put out for collection every week, much like the other bins.

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Black wheelie bin

The Black Bin

This bin is the one where all the general waste goes. Anything you find that isn't paper, glass, or tin should go in here - so basically plastic packaging and more. This bin should be put out for emptying every week or so, for the bin men, because it generally fills up a lot faster than the paper bin.

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Green box

The Green Box

The Green Box should have garden waste put in it. This can be used in your own home, and as well as garden waste like soil and dead plants so it doesn't actually have to be put out. Waste food can also be put in here, but apart from the nasty smell, a nice compost can be made for soil treatment to make your garden nicer.

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Yellow box

The Yellow Box

The Yellow Box is for the final bits of rubbish you may have, tin and glass. Old wine bottles and tins of beans can be dropped in here - once they have been properly used and rinced out, because it is best to have a bin that is relatively clean. This box will have to be put out for emptying as often as the Black Bin.



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