This page will tell you about the Recycle GB company.

Here we will try to help you understand our aims, who we are and why we are doing what we are.

We are trying to raise awareness for the younger generations as well as the older generations for the protection and conservation of the environment. In this modern day and age there are too many cases of fly tipping, littering and pollution. This website is mainly concerning what you can do about the smaller things, to do with the waste material you, your friends, family and neighbours produce. We want to stop landfills and harm caused to the environment to protect it for a younger age. If you are willing, please help us!

If you want to have a look at the BBC's views on recycling, click here!

About us - Recycle GB

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We have brought about four different bins that will be distributed throughout the country to your homes. These bins each have different things to put in to make recycling different materials and waste packaging a lot easier. To read about the different bins and their purpose, go to the bins page at the top in the navigation bar, or click on this bins page link.