Information on the different types of bins and boxes


black bin

Black Bin

The black bin will be for household waste, household waste such as;

  • Left over food

  • liquids

  • Clingfilm

  • Nappies

  • Non Recycleable bags

  • Any objects that cannot be recycled


green bin

Green Bin

The green bin will be responsible for all garden waste and cardboard such as;

  • Plants

  • Grass cuttings

  • Food packaging

  • Flowers

  • Cereal boxing

  • Paper

  • Cartons



yellow box

Yellow Box

The yellow box will be responsible for tins, plastic and glass items, such as;

  • Plastic milk bottles

  • Glass milk bottles

  • Glasses

  • Tin cans

  • Tin foil

  • Plastic beakers





green box

Green Box

The green box will be responsible for paper items only, such as;

  • Paper rolls

  • Books

  • Used paper

  • Toilet roll

  • Leaflets

  • Magazines

  • Homework