Boxes and Bins

Black Bin  

To recycle effectively, we have split up the recycling into four sections and have a colour coded bin or box for each;


Green Bin: Paper

In the green bin all different types of paper can be disposed of here. These are things like: newspaper, magasines and scrap paper.


Black Bin: Garden waste

The black bin is for garden waste. All different types of garden waste can be but into this bin, things like old grass stored in lawnmowers, cut down hedges and even christmas trees.


Green Box: Household waste

The grren box is for putting all types of household waste into. In this bin goes everything else that can't be put into any of the other bins that will be provided.


Yellow Box: Plastic

The yellow box is for disposing of all kinds of plastics. items that can be put in here are things frm empty milk cartons, to watter bottles so plastic cutlery.



By separating these materials and recycling them, it means than rather than producing new materials and using lots of energy and resources that are harming the planet, we can use old ones and reproduce the same material again and use a lot less energy. By doing all this it means we can help to lower negative impacts that recycling can have on the planet.


 Pepper Pig