Welcome to Recycle GB


Recycle GB is a fairly new company that have been established in May 2009. We cooperate on a national basis and have been employed by the government to work alongside local councils to co-ordinate recycling services for the whole country.


The website is an easy to use site that’s aim is to show you as much about Recycle GB and how you can recycle to help the environment around us, long term. One main point we are focusing on is to show people all ages how they can recycle easily, efficiently and effectively. We show the processes on how recyclable items are recycled.

Recycle GB`s website should:

Inform people what they should recycle in each bin/box

To encourage people to recycle more of their rubbish

To involve young people early so they are more environmentally aware

To seek feedback from people about the website and how it could be improved.


Recycling is important because it affects our environment, world and wildlife drastically if we don’t. Recycling uses substances that can be turned into another object again for later use. Recycle GBs aim is to inform you on how to recycle and if that objective is complete then you will be helping the earth for the greater good.



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