Welcome to Recycle GB. Recycle GB is a nationalised organisation striving to encourage and regulate recycling across Great Britain. In today's day and age, recycling is more important than ever. Our world faces greater threats than ever - not just global warming, but the problem of pollution. What happens if you don't recycle? Your rubbish ends up buried in landfills, destroying our beautiful countrysides and potentially damaging animal habitats. As an entire species, we produce far, far too much waste, and we're running out of space. The consumerist tendencies in the Western world mean that we are buying and using more, yet only use them once. How inefficient is that? Recycling is all about reusing plastics, paper, glass and all sorts of other materials; instead of allowing another tree to be cut down for paper, why not just recycle some paper instead of sending it underground?

Not only are there environmental and ecological benefits to recycling, but there are plenty of economic advantages too: recycling metals is much, much cheaper than digging up new ores and wasting much energy purifying them. Also consider how many of our resources - such as crude oil, where we get plastics from - are non-renewable. Without recycling, we waste money, resources and energy. So it's time for a change. This is where Recycle GB comes in. We are introducing a whole new recycling system across Great Britain, with the hopes of encouraging everyone everywhere to save our precious world.


Learn more at: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/recycling


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