Welcome to Recycle GB!

Recycle GB is a new recycling company working all over the UK. Our company aims to encourage everyone from young people, to families, to recycle their household waste, garden waste, tin, plastic, glass and paper.

To find out exactly what is involved in the recycling process, click here

You can access all of our very helpful pages either above using the navigation bar or with the buttons on the left. Our 'Boxes and Bins' page will tell you about the specific waste to put in each bin; the 'About us' page will tell you more about our company, our main aims and why we want everyone to recycle as much as possible; the 'Contact us' page will allow you to send us any questions, problems or enquiries either by phone, e-mail, post or via this website and the 'Games page' is full of fun games for everyone which can also help you to teach your children about the importance of recycling.